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When you are tasked with moving across the country, it can feel like such a large and daunting challenge that you doubt if it’s worth it or not. However, you may have been offered a life-changing opportunity to begin a new job or perhaps move in with a partner as your relationship becomes more serious. So, needs must and all that. How do you go about doing this with the least amount of fuss and hiccups? Preparing is one thing but knowing the ins and outs of how to execute such a large and complex plan, is another. We go into all the relevant points that will help you to make a giant move across the country, to your new home, without any major faults.

Know where you’re off to

First, you need to know where it is you’re going to be moving to. This is important because you need to give the removal company a heads up on your plans. When you select the best interstate removalists Gold Coast, you need to give them a map of your journey, itinerary, and your new home’s address. This was the interstate movers Gold Coast can begin to plan multiple routes to your new property from your current location. They will take a look at the backroads, highways, small winding mountain passes, and dirt roads if the situation calls for it. This might seem like such a natural thing to do, but trust us, many people are so rushed that they don’t plan out their route beforehand. 

Know what you’re moving

Secondly, know what type of things you’re moving. Do you require interstate furniture removalists Gold Coast? We can move any kind of furniture thanks to our highly trained professionals. They can wrap any item to make sure it doesn’t break while on the journey and load any type of large seating piece without grazing or smashing it. 

If you have delicate items, please let us know. We can use special fabrics and other layering materials to protect such things as vases, plant pots, paintings, artwork, sculptures, etc. Our employees are given training on how to handle all of these items and this is why customers have chosen to let us take care of their most prized possessions during moving.

If you have any special items that you want us to handle extra carefully, just let us know. It’s important you do this before we arrive so we have time to prepare. Send us photos of the things that you require us to handle with extra care, so the employees that show up on the day, already know which items need to be singled out upon arrival.

Going across the country

The massive logistical challenges of going across the country will become apparent on the day. But, we want to educate and inform you of what to expect before you get going with one of our teams.


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We can plot the route that is best served to your own timeframe and schedule. Our experts can work with you to create a route that will avoid traffic, avoid roads that are under construction or repair, as well as risky zones where there may be ice, loose asphalt or tight narrow passes that slow the journey down. 

The key is planning your journey with someone who knows the local area too. You may be completely unfamiliar with the new area of your home and thus, need someone who can locate the neighbourhood and find the quickest and safest route possible. You can rely on our employees to help you step by step in this process.

Why are we trusted?

Whenever you are trying to move home, you know that you’re putting all of your possessions at risk. Lifting up your entire life and changing properties is a task that everyone finds difficult. The best advice we can give you is, find someone you can trust. Our reputation speaks for itself, as our employees and our process have time and time again has shown to be a great combination for movers.

We are professionals who do interstate removalists Gold Coast to Melbourne, interstate removalists Gold Coast to canberra and interstate removalists Gold Coast to Adelaide, to name a few. We have made major journeys with multiple trucks in tow. A large convoy of moving trucks isn’t easy to direct and keep together on a busy highway. 

However we have three major advantages in our favour.

  • We know the process of moving between states! All the paperwork that’s required, the change of organisation, the attention to detail and the challenge of long and tiring highway stints, are all water off a duck’s back to us. Our specialist movers are fully trained in this endeavour and they can customise the services they provide you to suit your budget. 
  • We have the highest standards! We take pride in our work because we know how serious large scale moving operations are. They are a turning point in your life. This event will be remembered for a long time. So we make sure that while transporting your items and goods across many miles of land, we never falter on our handling skills. Your items will arrive at the new destination, in the same condition they were at the time of loading. 
  • We have expanded to the point that we can offer nationwide moving services! We are, interstate removalists Gold Coast to perth, interstate removalists Gold Coast to sydney and Gold Coast to Brisbane removals specialists to name a few. Our experience has led us to becoming the number one choice for customers. With experience comes a lot of knowledge and we can handle, wrap, pack and load any kind of fragile, large, heavy, unique decor piece you own. We deliver our services with care and a smile.

What makes us stand out?

We offer backloading Gold Coast to Brisbane services for clients because we like to work around the clock, serving as many customers as possible. This is why our drivers and loaders are often given new jobs while in transit on another job. If we can help a client on the way back, we will divert our route and arrive at their doorstep, ready to go.

How many moving companies do you know that would or can do that? We are removalists Gold Coast to Brisbane because homeowners and renters in both cities trust us to be on time and be frequently covering the areas that they live in; which means we’re never far.

We stand out for three distinct reasons.

  • We help people move homes, but also offices. If you’re a business owner, you can use our services to shift to another place. This could be a unique office building or in a high-rise floor whereby you are sharing a new office or perhaps, you have your own. While moving your things, our employees will be attentive of the nature of equipment that they are responsible for. 
  • We limit the surprises that you might incur. Nobody likes surprises, especially on moving day! So we chronologically plan out the events that will occur on the day. This means that small details are not left undisturbed. For example, maybe you would like to use a storage unit to store your sofa and use the space it allows in the truck, for something else. No problem, we can transport and move your sofa into the unit for you and then go back to the home to load up again.
  • We offer your value for money. We know that large interstate removalist Gold Coast to Brisbane cost can vary. So we will be upfront about all the costs you face, why, and see if we can lower them for you. We have consistently been given the vote of confidence from customers who would like nothing more than just an open and honest removal company, that will give them bang for buck. Australians are known to be no-nonsense types, and we are one of you!

The juicy perks

No removal company worth their salt, would every dream of charging their customers for the fuel required for the journey. Listen, Australia is huge and the interstate moving operation could be hundreds of miles. That’s all right, don’t worry about the fuel that our trucks need to operate, you don’t pay a penny!

When you have been on the road for hours and hours, you need to stop and rest. Our drivers need to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and we do all this to remain alert behind the wheel. You will not be charged for these stops either. Time is money, of course, but we don’t think that customers should have to pay for common sense policies, such as taking a break once in a while.

We are supremely confident in our services, so we don’t hold you by the shirt collar until the day is done. You can cancel your booking with us at any time and for any reason. 

Unlike other removal companies that will actually have the sheer audacity to charge you for moving items upstairs, we do not charge our clients to move things up to the first floor. That is wholly ridiculous and we’d never dream of it. 

You will also receive the ability to plan and schedule your moving day. We can of course advise you on what to do to make things go smoother, but you will be given access to the software free of charge. 

Maybe you had no idea that you were going to need our services and haven’t actually booked. That’s okay, we allow for last-minute booking. Sometimes you just need to have someone help you out even when it seems inconvenient for them. We’re that guy!

If you don’t have any sort of packing material, don’t sweat it, because we have all that’s needed. We have boxes, packaging foam, tape, bubble wrap, tarps, protective light covers and foil heat exchangers. All the equipment you need to pack your things securely and prevent any sort of harm coming to them, we will provide. 

Yes, we also work holidays and weekends! So if you need a moving company to answer the call on Thanksgiving or on a cold winter weekend, we should be that company you choose to rely upon. This is our bread and butter, so we don’t mind being your company on a holiday!

How the plan goes

Still need convincing?

Okay, let’s go through the planning stages.

The schedule

First, just give us the scheduling you would like. What day, time, month would you like to pick? We will sort through the item list you provide us, select the right kind of truck, tell our employees what to expect and then give you a planned route. The final step will be to select the distance, stopping points and arrival time. 

The booking

We will check to see which of our vehicles is ready for interstate removal. This requires us to do a full safety inspection and maintenance review. The journey is going to be potentially, close to or even over 1,000 miles. So our trucks have to be in top shape and that we will make sure of. 

Next the booking stage will move onto what kind of booking you’re making. Is it last-minute? Would you be okay with a backloading trip? Maybe you want a unique service for a planned journey. Just let us know.

The Packing

When we arrive on the scene, we will begin to label and package your things. Each item will be categorised and then slowly packed up and loaded onto the truck. Just let us know how you want certain delicate items to be handled and we can oblige. Then when the truck is ready to go, we shall set off on our journey. It’s just that simple.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions. Further information is able to be provided, and we’d be happy to inform you further about our services. 

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