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One of the most stressful things you will do in your life is move property. There is so much to think about, from the mortgage side to finding your dream property and then the actual move. Part of the journey is sorting out your removals company which is where we come in. 

Interstate Removalists are an expert removals company with many years in the property industry. We specialise in helping you have as stress free move to your new property as possible. Our company has a variety of options that you can choose from, that are all competitively priced and there to make your journey as seamless as possible. 

Since launching Interstate Removals, it has been our mission to establish ourselves as market leaders within the removals sector, providing an expert service that you would be proud to recommend. Whether you are looking to use us as your removal company or to use our other services on top of that, we look forward to working with you. 

The Go To Removals Service

Our team at Interstate Removals are fully trained and dedicated to making your removals experience as pain free and stress free as possible. We understand moving is a big deal and promise to look after your items as if they were our own. We have been moving people from property to property for many years, providing excellent service. So much so that our customers have been constantly recommending us. 

Our services don’t just stop at helping you with your move, we offer so much more that can make your experience as hassle free as possible. 

Packing & Unpacking

If like many people you find the most frustrating thing about moving, being the packing of your items and unpacking, then you are not alone. Why not take advantage of our packing and unpacking service to make your experience that bit easier?

Our team has great knowledge about packing your items safely, making sure nothing breaks along the way. We only use high quality packing materials, ensuring everything is safely secured. For your fragile items we have special techniques that ensure they are transported securely, in boxes that are designed for them – for example we have access to all tv size boxes and glass boxes for your drinks. 

Not only this but due to our experience, you can trust us to unpack your items in your new home efficiently and swifty making your move that little quicker allowing you to settle in your new home. 

Packaging Materials 

It may be that you want to pack your items yourself and we completely understand. If this is the case you can still take advantage of our packaging materials. We can supply you with a whole variety of professional equipment from mattress covers to shrinks and secure tape. We also have access to a whole range of box sizes including reinforced ones for your heavier items and if required crates. 

If you would like to, we can always split the packaging load with you. We can take care of your fragile items making sure they are safely wrapped and prepared while you box your non essential items like your clothes. This can make the process that little quicker, helping you move into your new home sooner. 

Furniture Removals 

As home removal experts in Australia, we know alot about moving your furniture in the best possible way. We understand that it can be tempting to do this yourself, as it could save you money but we do recommend against this. Furniture is heavy and if not done correctly can damage your back, be dropped and can take a lot of time. Not only that but if dropped, it could damage your sofa and require you to buy a new one. 

Instead of doing it yourself let our experts take care of it for you. We have all the specialist equipment to not only make it easier to move but also stop you from injuring yourself. Furniture removal is part of our overall home removals service, taking away the stress from you having to hire a van and do it yourself. 

Automobile Transportation 

If you have several cars, it can be a pain having to go back and forth to move them to your new property. Instead, why not take advantage of our range of service and trust us to move your vehicles for you. We have trailers and trucks available that can not only transport your cars but also other vehicles such as jet skis, boats and any other vehicles you may have. 

Secure Storage Solutions 

It may be that you are downsizing or have over time acquired a lot of items that you are not sure you will need in your new property. Instead of throwing them away and regretting it, we have secure storage options that you can take advantage of. Why not store some of your items in our storage until the time comes when you have settled in and will know if you require them anymore or not. Alternatively, if you are looking to have your items moved into storage before moving, we can also accommodate that as well. 

Why Choose Interstate Removalists

When it comes to picking your removals company there are many providers out there making it hard to choose the right one for you. To help bring peace of mind, we want to let you know why you should choose us and the benefits we offer: 

Competitively Priced 

Our pricing is extremely competitive. We promise to offer you extremely good value for money, considering the excellent service we provide. We understand that moving is expensive which is why we want to help ease the burden with a cost that won’t break the bank. But also offer an excellent service that you are happy to recommend to your friends and family.

Lots of Experience 

Our team undergoes regular training making sure they follow best practices everytime they help a customer. We have been operating for many years, allowing us to provide you with a personal service that you not only trust but also reduces the stress of your move. 

Free Call Outs 

We want to give you the most accurate quote and make sure we can help you to the best of our ability. This is why we offer free call outs when you want to work with silverbybentleyofficial websitenettoyer coque telephonephone case with strapelf bar strawberry mangophone case designs us. We will visit your property, making sure we are thorough with everything you want to move. Most companies will require themselves to visit but will charge you to do so. 

High Quality Materials 

Your items are important to you. We don’t want to compromise our service with breakages which is why we only use the highest quality materials for our moves. Throughout the move you will never need to worry about an item breaking as we promise to take care of everything as if it was our own. 

Fast and Efficient 

We promise to be as fast as possible but without compromising the job itself. We will never rush but we will be efficient allowing you to move into your new home as quickly as possible. We will pack your things methodically, help label them and move them into the correct rooms allowing you to unpack and start getting your new home together, how you like it. 

Safe and Secure 

Your items will be safely loaded into the van, prioritising your fragile items. We have all the equipment to load anything heavy into the van without damaging it, or needing you to lift. Everything is completely protected meaning you don’t need to stress about the journey to your new property. Just relax and know that we are taking care of everything for you. 

Get Prepared For Your Move

In order to reduce the stress of your move, we recommend you get prepared as soon as possible. The sooner you start getting ready, the less stressful your move will be and the more prepared you will be on the day of your move. Plus, leaving things until the last minute can mean you don’t pack as well, or pay more for materials that you could have gotten cheaper if ordered in advance, like boxes. 

Below is a timetable to help you get prepared and put you in the best position for our team to help move you efficiently on the day. 

Eight Weeks To Go 

Since originally moving into your current property, you will have been buying plenty of things, which you may not need anymore. Having a clear out is a pain but something that is best done early. Go through all your cupboards and get rid of the unwanted items. Try and be strict on yourself, otherwise you may find yourself keeping a lot of things that will end up cluttering your new property. It can be worth asking a friend to help as they can be strict and help decide whether you really need it or not. 

Six Weeks To Go 

Start collecting boxes, the more boxes you have the sooner you can start packing and the more prepared you can be. Try and get a variety of sizes, such as a TV box, or a glass box for your drink bottles and glasses. Ask your friends, family and neighbours to keep any boxes they get from deliveries. 

Make sure you have spoken to your manager at work and booked some time off for not only the packing but also the move itself. The more notice you give them, the more time they have to plan your workload and get other colleagues to help. 

Four Weeks To Go 

Start to box things that you may not need to use within the next four weeks. Things like your books, DVD’s, or decorations. If you have any furniture that you can do without, start to dismantle it and put it in a safe place so it doesn’t get damaged. It would also be a good idea to get in touch with any company that knows your current address and inform them that you are moving. 

Two Weeks To Go 

Get in touch with your house removals company to confirm any details about your move, such as the time and the process. Make sure you continue to box up your items and now start to think about packing any vital items, making sure you leave as little to pack the days before you move. Make sure you make arrangements for your mail to be redirected to your new address as this can take a few days to take place. 

A Day Left 

We will make sure you have packed everything logically and that your boxes have been labelled and categorized by room and whether they are delicate or not. We do recommend you pack some things that you keep to yourself such as your necessities (Clothes, shampoo, night cloths etc). 

Try and move your boxes as near to the door as possible so that they are ready to go when we arrive and so we can pack them quicker.  

On The Day 

When it comes to the actual day of moving, we will take charge of everything. We will load all your items onto our van, making sure they are protected and secured. We will help unload them in your new property and move them into the desired rooms. You may feel stressed this day as there is a lot to think about but our expert team will be able to help you each step of the way, reducing some of your stress. 

Contact Us 

If you are looking for a removals company in Australia wide, please get in touch. Our expert team is available to help answer any questions you may have, putting your mind at ease. SImply pick up the phone and give us a call today. Alternatively, feel free to use our contact form and one of our removal experts will be in touch. We look forward to helping you move into your new property.

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