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  • We know the process of moving home between states can be complex and stressful. It requires organisation, effort, and attention to the smallest tasks to transport your precious and expensive safely across long distances. That's why we employ specialist movers who are experienced and fully trained – we also have customised services to suit your needs and budget.

  • At Interstate Removalists we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of service to our customers, that means, packing and transporting household goods with the utmost care so they arrive at your new destination in the same condition they left. We achieve this by using a team of talented removalists with vast knowledge of and dedication to the removal process.

  • Our experience is grounded in many years of moving small offices and large homes around the country, and handling expensive pieces of furniture carefully. We have a dedicated team responsible for wrapping and unpacking fragile and expensive items so they arrive in perfect condition. By using Interstate Removalists you are investing in a professional and dedicated service that will deliver your items on time and on budget.

removalists interstate
removalist interstate


  • Moving your home or office interstate doesn't happen very often so when it does you want to make sure you get it right the first time. It only takes a small degree of inattention to result in damaged property that can't be repaired or replaced easily. Too many removals companies in Australia are driven by profit and time constraints, but Interstate Removalists are a more dedicated service.

  • Interstate Removalists understand the complexities and stresses of moving interstate and make every effort to ease the process. We set a timeliness for your removal and organise each step in a chronological way so there are no surprises. Even the smallest details are taken care of to lift the stress of moving and give you confidence in the removal process.

  • Other Australian removal companies might inspire other feelings, such as worry or uncertainty, especially if handling fragile pieces; but Interstate Removalists specialise in this kind of work and can offer customers a level of assurance that no other removals company can. Our customers are never disappointed with the level of service we provide and are consistently surprised by the value for money.

Our Value-Added Services

Traveling Time

Traveling Time

Interstate removals by their nature cover large distances and occasionally stops are required. You are not charged extra for these stops.

removalist Fuel


We believe that it's unfair to charge you for the fuel used by our trucks when delivering your furniture, so fuel is not included in your price.

Bookings at the last minute

Bookings at the last minute

Making the right decision about a move can sometimes take time and consideration. We allow for this by offering an urgent booking service.

Weekend or holiday bookings

Weekend or holiday bookings

Sometimes the best time to move interstate is on holidays or at the weekend. We acknowledge this and facilitate off-peak removal services.



Not all removal services provide you with the luxury of canceling your bookings at any time, but Interstate Removalist do, even if it's last minute.


Stairs (up to the 1st level)

The majority of houses and offices are situated on the first floor, due to this we don't charge extra for moving your items to a first floor location.

Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials

We provide packing and unpacking services that include the packaging materials needed to ensure you have peace of mind.

Planning and Scheduling

Planning and Scheduling

When you choose Interstate Removalists you will receive our value-added planning and scheduling services free of charge.


  • Not all removal companies in Australia plan your removal journey with the same scheduling and attention to detail as Interstate Removalists. By choosing us your process will be meticulously planned and carried out with precision.

  • Scheduling – we analyse your items and choose an appropriate truck. We then give you a realistic ETA and offer advice about distance and storage facilities. We keep you informed of the removal process and contact you prior to arrival.

  • Bookings – we take your booking based on availability of our trucks for interstate removal. We also accept last minute bookings to facilitate short notice decisions. We understand that sometimes you need to cancel, and allow cancellations at any time.

  • Packaging – regardless of your removal type we will carefully assess your items and provide appropriate packaging for each specific piece. If you have delicate items, such as pianos or antique furniture, this will be carefully wrapped and labelled for special handling.

interstate movers
interstate mover

We Provide you with

  • Free quotations for your moving job – it's important for us to be transparent with clients about cost so we provide a free quotation for the entire process.

  • A stress-free moving experience – moving your home or office interstate can be lengthy and stressful. That's why we provide a complete packaging and removal service.

  • Packaging Material – as professionals we know the right packaging for item types and provide you with everything you need.

  • Call before arrival service – on moving day you will be extremely busy but it's important we contact you with a removal time. We won't charge you extra if you're not available.

  • Public liability insurance – the insurance of your items is vital and we take full responsibility for the safe transportation of your belongings. Any damage to your items is covered by us.

  • Secure Storage – with interstate removal you may need long distance storage facilities. We help you organise this with state-of-art spaces.

Move with us for peace of mind

  • You will struggle to find an interstate removals company in Australia that's as professional and dedicated as Interstate Removalists. As a professional organisation we have thought of all the necessary requirements to make moving interstate as easy and stress-free as possible. When using our service you can have confidence that everything is under control.

  • Moving your house or office at any time can be stressful and uncertain, but the feelings of worry and anxiety are prolonged and increased when you're moving interstate – there is further to travel, more to organise, and higher chance of something going wrong. Interstate Removalists understand this and take the worry away through careful planning and dedicated practice.

  • With Interstate Removalists you will get a detailed schedule and plan for the safe transportation of your items. We provide you with appropriate packaging for specific items and stack your furniture safely. We appoint the best truck for the job and keep you informed of your relocation process along the way.

interstate removal
interstate furniture removalists


Our promise to customers is that we will always deliver on time and within your budget, that’s why we consider your situation carefully and provide you with a detailed planning schedule. It’s vital that our customers receive the level of service that they have come to expect.

When you choose Interstate Removalists you will work with a team of experienced professionals who will handle the A to Z of your move. These professionals are fully trained and highly experienced removals people who have worked with us for many years. They know the difficulties of removals and what can go wrong making them the safest and most reassuring option for your move.

As you enjoy this piece of mind our professional removal people will take care of every step of the removals process for you including planning, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, and redecoration. Interstate Removals has a long history in Australia and is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Quality and safety are our highest priorities, and this is what you can expect.

interstate furniture movers


Interstate Removalists aren’t just for commercial use, we provide a range of home removal services. We can relocate homes of any size including 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom moves. Our team of expert removals people handle every aspect of the move from planning and packing to transporting and redecoration.

One of the primary features of our service is convenience and stress-free removals. Working with us you will feel reassured that everything is handled carefully and correctly. We allow you to enjoy a stress-free moving experience by assembling furniture, transporting pets, removing pianos, transporting vehicles, and looking after fragile items. All of this and more for a reasonable price.

Whatever removal issue you have Interstate Removalists will have handled it before. All you have to do is contact us and describe the issue. We will assess the situation and apply our knowledge and experience to solve the problem practically and without fuss. If you’re moving your home interstate then Interstate Removalists are your number one option.

moving furniture interstate


If you need interstate removal services for commercial purposes then Interstate Removalists are an excellent choice. We have extensive experience moving offices between states and know the criteria involved. One important aspect is your inventory as you need to be sure everything has been moved across – our inventory management is second to none.

Our commercial removal services are equipped to handle all types of relocation issues for commercial purposes, these include: planning and inventory management, blueprint design for electrical components, fixture installation, office furniture removals, and computer system relocation. Our professional movers have vast experience of moving businesses of all sizes and ensure you peace of mind by keeping you informed throughout the process.

Moving an office interstate can be a time consuming and stressful process which is why we arrange all aspects of the removal. We understand there is much more to organise than just the removal of office belongings. But don’t only transport the items. We can also reinstall computer systems and electrical fixings upon arrival at your new destination.


  • We know from experience that one of the most important stages of removal is the packing and unpacking of items. Get this wrong and your belongings risk damage in transit, but in the hands of a professional removal service this is nothing to worry about. We use the best practices, along with the right packing materials and suitable inventory plan. We pack and unpack your belongings according to our uniquely high standards.

  • The process involves assigning a professional packing team to your process. These removalists will develop an inventory of your belongings then separate them into categories, fragile, consumable, etc. Then, our team lists the items according to which room they belong to, labeling them appropriately. Following this, the team will wrap your belongings using strong adhesive packing tape, durable and high-quality packing boxes, and long-lasting labels.

  • On arrival your removalists will help you to unpack the items according to which rooms they belong in. This process is made simple because of efficient inventory management. Our team will also help you to redecorate your new home as a value-added service to make the process more comfortable for you, and less stressful.


  • On occasion the moving process can be made more complicated due to unforeseen circumstances. You may have to move out of a location for contractual reasons, but be unable to move into the new venue for a week or two. At times like these you will require a temporary storage facility to store your belongings or office equipment.

  • Interstate Removalists are well aware of this issue and provide a variety of storage solutions for your needs. We can set up temporary storage for interstate removals that are in-transit, provide space for extra belongings you have, or provide more long term storage options if you have delays in moving in.

  • We have storage facilities and warehouses around the country that are secure, temperature-controlled, and monitored by CCTV cameras to ensure all items are secure and safe. We also use flexible pricing plans for storage as the situation may quickly change, as a result you will only ever be charged for the storage you use.

What Our Client's Says

interstate furniture removal

Free estimate

Interstate removals by their nature cover large distances and occasionally


24/7 Services

Interstate removals by their nature cover large distances and occasionally


Flat Rate Fees

Interstate removals by their nature cover large distances and occasionally

Furniture removal interstate


  • If you want to eliminate the stress of moving completely then you might consider our complete relocation services. These services take care of the entire process of moving leaving you with nothing to worry about or consider. We plan the move by selecting the best day for you, wrapping your items, labelling them, and creating an inventory. We then safely transport your belongings and help install them.

  • This premium service is a complete solution if you want to take the stress out of removals. Whether you're a home mover or an office changing locations, our complete relocation services are available. With only a few phone calls you can arrange a relocation solution between states that is organised, hassle-free, and professional.

  • That's not all, we offer a range of services for when you arrive. We can assemble your furniture and help install systems.We can also help with redecorating your new home or office. What more can you expect from a complete solution.


  • Why pay for a professional interstate removal service when you can organise and move the home or office yourself without charge? There is always the option to do this but it's not recommended. If items are not wrapped and stacked correctly they could get damaged, which is all the more likely on a long distance project. There are also regulations and health concerns that should be considered.

  • If you are moving your home or office interstate there is now no reason not to choose a removal service like Interstate Removalist. The services are fast, effective, and budget-friendly. They take the stress and hassle out of removals so you can concentrate on other aspects of the businesses. This interstate service is also fully compliant with regulations and safety procedures.

  • If you're still pondering whether a removal service is right for you then consider the benefits. Interstate Removalists are reliable and secure, accountable, regulated, on-time, and budget-friendly – what more could you ask for.

furniture removalists interstate


  • Our Interstate moving team have over a decade of experience moving furniture for homes and offices in Australia. We have moved all sizes of projects from small flats to large commercial premises. We can move a studio flat for you or a five bedroom luxury home. With every project care is taken to be as efficient and professional as possible, and to deliver your items and belongings in the same condition they left your previous state.

  • For commercial properties our team can also handle any size of project. We have experience of moving small businesses with only one office to large scale commercial organisations with many electrical and computing systems. No matter the size or complexity of the project we will deliver on quality and safety. We will also provide you with a reliable service designed to suit your budget.

interstate moving
interstate furniture removalist


  • With over a decade of experience our professional moving team is widely regarded as one of the top companies for interstate removals in Australia. In our time as a removals company we have completed hundreds of projects for clients who all report favorably. Their feedback testifies to the fact that we are a leading removals company known for reliability and quality service.

  • So what makes us stand out from the crowd? We use advanced equipment and state-of-the-art packing techniques to deliver on our promises. We have an experienced team of fully trained removalists who can handle any given situation with confidence and composure. Furthermore, we have the infrastructure and service platform to deliver the highest standard of interstate removals in the country.

  • Removal is not something you generally think about until there's a need for it. Due to this many people decide to do it themselves, but often that ends im damaged property. With a combination of excellent rates and professional services there's no reason not to choose Interstate Removalists.


  • Interstate Removalist will provide you with the most competitive rates in the marketplace, coupled with experienced and professional services uniquely tailored to your situation. We also offer quick transportation, reliability and promise to move your belongings safely and responsibly. This takes the stereos out of moving for you and allows you to create more reliability and efficiency into your project.

  • Along with the standard removal service that you pay for, Interstate Removalists additionally offer value-added services that enhance your moving experience for no extra charge. These services include free packing materials and no extra charge for first-floor services. We also offer you the chance to further reduce your costs by 'backloading' your belongings. This means using free space in other trucks to transport items.

  • Despite our low cost services and value added practices we never compromise on quality and professionalism. All our team members including our movers and customer service representatives are well-trained and highly skilled which enable us to deliver exceptional quality to our clients


  • At Interstate Removalists we are not money-oriented. Each project we undertake is approached with the attitude of personal responsibility, as if it were our home or office that was being moved. This attitude gives you the best service and the best price.

  • Our time is also very time oriented. We value efficiency and work hard to deliver the standards set out in the quotation. If you need your items delivered by a certain time we can ensure we meet your expectation through time management and interval working.

  • We have an excellent pricing plan that takes your unique circumstances into account and creates a package with the best value available. We also offer several value-added services, opportunities to reduce your costs and never issue any hidden fees.

  • We are community and environmentally aligned. This is something we value strongly and contribute by bringing extra boxes for unwanted items. This happens often and unwanted items can be sent to charity shops for second hand use.

interstate moving services


  • These days there are several interstate removals companies offering services similar to ours. This drives down the prices for services but with Interstate Removalists the quality remains. We refuse to cut corners when it comes to providing a high quality service to clients and maintaining the integrity of our business.

  • We tailor a solution to fit your requirements, whether you are a home moved or an office. This means analysing your situation, compiling an inventory, and presenting you with a free quotation. In doing so we manage to tailor services and costs to make them as effective as possible for what you need.

  • We also offer a range of value-added services that give you some extra benefits and help you save. This sets us apart from the competition but so too does our professionalism that never fails to deliver outstanding results. Clients across the county will testify to professional results and excellent rates.


  • Moving furniture isn't as simple and straightforward as it sounds or as you might imagine. Furniture is heavy, oddly shaped, and may require assembly or reassembly. There are several steps to transporting furniture, especially long distances, and each step must be handled correctly to ensure safety and to comply with certain regulations.

  • Our teM of dedicated professionals always have safety in mind when handling your furniture. They are equipped with specialist tools and knowledge needed to assemble and disassemble furniture pieces where necessary. This includes beds, wardrobe sets, office furniture, pianos, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen furniture. Our furniture removals service guarantees the safety of all your furniture through our well-tested and proven packing strategy.

  • Our furniture removals services guarantee that your items will be handled carefully by experienced professionals who understand the importance of safety. This is something you can expect from Interstate Removalists free of charge.

interstate removal services


  • We offer a range of features and services that clearly set us apart from the competition. These include transparency, location monitoring, a customer-first policy, a simplified move, state of the art protection, and exceptional prices. No other removals company in Australia can compete with Interstate Removalist in these categories.

  • Transparency, for instance, is at the top of our list. We believe that customers should be fully aware of pricing, with no hidden charges, and that they deserve to be informed about the move as it develops. This policy of open transparency is often cited by clients as a stand out feature.

  • Our trucks also use location monitoring. Using GPS signals you can track your belongings wherever they are in the country and receive an update. We will also contact you half an hour prior to arrival to prepare you for the delivery of your long distance items. This also forms part of our transparency policy and customer service goals.

  • Last but not least, our customer-first policy is at the heart of everything we do. We view our customers as part of a family that we work for and treat all your belongings as if they were our own. Your valuables are in the safest of hands when transporting them across the country to different states.


  • Interstate Removalists are a proud Australian company that invests heavily in a highly-skilled Australian workforce. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a leading brand in Australian interstate removals and it's important we maintain the integrity of the business by promoting our core values, our diversity, our teamwork, and delivering a stress-free working service to clients.

  • It can be difficult to find a mover in Australia for interstate removals that offer the same services and professional approach as us. We believe that Australian families, individuals, and companies deserve the best service for removals in terms of price and experience, and we have stepped in to provide it. If you are unsure which service provider to choose, reach out to Interstate Removalists for chat and free quotation.


  • What is important to you when searching for a mover in Australia? Is it pricing, experience, process, fleet size, storage facilities, or something else? No doubt you will have a particular service in mind but finding a company that can deliver on your particular needs can be challenging. Too often, people compromise and settle for an inferior service that may cost too much or deliver a substandard service.

  • Interstate Removalist understands that removal needs are varied and works hard to deliver a tailored service that's unique to you. If timing is what you prize above all we will create a project for you that prioritizes that without compromising in other areas. And if you need extra protection for some expensive furniture we can help with that too. There's no need to search all day for the right Australian removalist, simply give us a call.

interstate removalists australia
interstate removalist australia


  • Interstate Removalists are the perfect answer to your removal queries and requirements. We have years of experience, a wide portfolio, and a range of client testimonials that prove we are an excellent choice for domestic and commercial customers. If you want a removal service that offers competitive pricing, uncompromising professionalism and over a decade of experience, then give Interstate Removalists a call – we're here to help no matter how big or small your project happens to be.


  • Interstate Removals can be a difficult and stressful operation, if you haven't done it before we recommend that you don't try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, call Interstate Removalists; working with us you will enjoy a streamlined experience that's fit for the modern world. Reliable, convenient, and customer-focused, you will receive your long distance belongings as and when you expect them having arranged the project with our friendly staff. Get in touch with our Interstate Removalists team today to book your big move.

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